The Awards

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award*

This award recognises those who don’t just study, they put their skills into practise. Whether setting up a business, assembling a collective or starting a social enterprise, these students have the drive and initiative to achieve outside of their compulsory studies.

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Outstanding Leadership Award*

Whether achieved in academic or extracurricular activities, someone with outstanding leadership is the person who keeps the wheels in motion, keeps spirits up, progress on track or spearheads change.  We want to find the people who can pull a team together and recognise their contributions to their institution and student bodies.

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Creative Contribution Award*

This award recognises students who have thought outside the box, coming up with creative and innovative solutions when faced with a challenge – either at university or in their extra-curricular activities. Challenges could include events that students have organised, campaigns they’ve ran or assignments that they’ve approached in creative ways.

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Student of the Year*

This is a chance to celebrate standout students, those all-rounders whose contributions have gone above and beyond, impacting positively on their student body and benefiting the institution as a whole.

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Environmental Champion Award

The positive impact of students championing a move towards sustainability is one which should be highly commended. This award gives the green light to those who have invested personal time and effort into environmental awareness in the ethics of either personal or institution wide practises.

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Community Impact Awards

This award recognises those students who have harnessed their power to make a positive impact and whose contributions have been beneficial to the wider community as well as the community within their institutions’ walls.

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*There will be a winner from each institution chosen for these awards.